KW Quad suspension

Increasing your own driving safety, more sporty
performance and enjoying maximum driving pleasure.

Why chose a KW Quad suspension?

Whether for work use in the woods and forest, as a fun vehicle off roads or purely as a sports vehicle - the demand for ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) and quads has grown very fast. Nowadays you can see the one- and two-seaters more often on the roads. Compared to off-road trips, there is better grip on road surfaces.

The high centre of gravity of ATVs and quads can be a safety hazard when corering at high speed on the road. KW Quad suspension gives you the opportunity to not only increase the driving safety, but also to increase the sporty performance and driving pleasure.

  • available for many ATV and quad models
  • also suitable for wider and adjustable A-Arms
  • with TÜV-certificate
  • lower centre of gravity
  • high speed corner stability
  • sporty looks
KW Quad Suspension
KW Quad Suspension

KW Quad springs

KW lowering springs made of high strength chrome silicon steel (SiCr) can reduce the centre of gravity of ATVs and quads by up to 70mm. This will help to achieve a higher cornering speed and secure road handling.

  • lowering up to 70 mm
  • weight-optimized racing spring system
  • longevity through zinc phosphated spring steel and EPS powder coating
  • available in the following colours:
    Red (RAL 3001)
    Blue (RAL 5002)
    Yellow (RAL 1021)
    White (RAL 9003)
    Orange (RAL 2011)
    Black (RAL 9005)
  • with TÜV certificate
KW Quad Suspension

KW Quad coilovers

KW Quad coilovers offer maximum performance. Our coilover housings are made from weight saving aluminium and allow separate adjustment of rebound and compression damping to adjust your quad individually.

KW Quad Suspension

KW Quad coilovers come with a TÜV-certificate, allow a continous lowering of 50 to 120mm and are available with or without damper reservoir (depending on version).

  • independent adjustment in rebound and compression (depending on version)
  • longevity because of high quality components
    such as aluminum housing, SiCr spring steel and EPS powder coated surface finish
  • extensive documentation (inc. installation and configuration instructions)
  • also suitable for wider and adjustable A-Arms

Individually adjustable in rebound and compression damping

With the separate adjustment in rebound and compression KW Quad coilover suspension made from elegant black aluminum uses low-maintenance high-quality components developed from our KW racing department. When you increase the rebound, the body movement at the frame structure is reduced. Your quad will drive with increased stability in fast cornering.

KW Quad Suspension
KW Quad Suspension

You don’t need any adjusting tools because of the patented compression adjuster at the lower end of the piston or reservoir of the aluminium housing. A rough guide is that at an increased compression your quad will react more directly to your steering movements.

KW Quad Suspension
KW Quad Suspension
KW Quad Suspension

KW Quad reinforced springs

Because of their high variability in the terrain, not only farmers, shepherds, hunters, wood and forest workers rely on All Terrain Vehicles, but also local companies do. Also for mountain rescue, ski tenants, ambulance and fire fighters the agile and lightweight ATVs have become more popular.

To be able to use the ATV with their heavy attachments and accessories in all terrains our KW engineers developed reinforced springs, for which we use the same spring steel as in our racing components.

With the installation of those springs, no lowering will be achieved and the utility of the ATV in the open country will be further increased. The springs can also be used in combination with caterpillar drive.

KW Quad Suspension

Certificazioni TÜV e
manuali d'installazione

I certificati TÜV e le istruzioni
d'installazione per uno specifico veicolo
devono essere richiesti alla CO.MAR.

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